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Vulnerable Credit Card Applications

I went to an OWASP meeting last year where I heard someone in passing mention testing credit card applications with the credit card company’s default cards. After doing quite a bit of research I uncovered a pretty thorough list of all possible test credit card numbers and test check numbers used for testing purposes. Why is this interesting? Well thanks to shoddy programming, often the default credit card numbers are left in the system for quality assurance testing. In most cases tests less than $1000 USD will go through if they are still enabled.

Some companies, like Cybersource remove this option once the site goes live. However, developers, in their ingenious know-how, often code the loopholes in manually so they can continue development on the platform after the site has gone live. Here is the most complete list of test credit card numbers and test check numbers on the net (at the time of writing):

Possible test credit cards:

  • Visa: 4111111111111111 (16) Characters
  • Visa: 4012888888881881 (16) Characters
  • Visa: 4007000000027 (13) Characters
  • Visa: 4222222222222 (13) Characters
  • MasterCard: 5431111111111111 (16) Characters
  • MasterCard: 5424000000000015 (16) Characters
  • MasterCard: 5105105105105100 (16) Characters
  • MasterCard: 5555555555554444 (16) Characters
  • MasterCard: 5500000000000004 (16) Characters
  • MasterCard: 5276440065421319 (16) Characters
  • American Express: 370000000000002 (15) Characters
  • American Express: 340000000000009 (15) Characters
  • American Express: 341111111111111 (15) Characters
  • American Express: 378282246310005 (15) Characters
  • American Express: 371449635398431 (15) Characters
  • American Express: 372425119311008 (15) Characters
  • American Express Corporate: 378734493671000 (15) Characters
  • Discover: 6011000000000012 (16) Characters
  • Discover: 6011000000000004 (16) Characters
  • Discover: 6011601160116611 (16) Characters
  • Discover: 6011111111111117 (16) Characters
  • Discover: 6011000990139424 (16) Characters
  • Diners Club: 38520000023237 (14) Characters
  • Diners Club: 30569309025904 (14) Characters
  • Diners CLub: 30000000000004 (14) Characters
  • Carte Blanche: 30000000000004 (14) Characters
  • JCB: 3530111333300000 (16) Characters
  • JCB: 3566002020360505 (16) Characters
  • JCB: 3088000000000008 (16) Characters
  • JCB: 3566111111111113 (16) Characters
  • EnRoute: 201400000000009 (15) Characters
  • Australian BankCard: 5610591081018250 (16) Characters

Possible test checks:

  • Possible test Check Numbers (MICR)
  • Check# 1001 Routing# 12345678 Account# 0439085000
  • Check# 1001 Routing# 12345678 Account# 0439085001
  • Check# 1001 Routing# 12345678 Account# 0439085002
  • Check# 1001 Routing# 12345678 Account# 0439085003
  • Check# 1001 Routing# 121000358 Account# 2222222222
  • Check# 1001 Routing# 121042882 Account# 4100
  • Check# 1001 Routing# 121107882 Account# 4101
  • Check# 1001 Routing# 071923284 Account# 4102
  • Check# 1001 Routing# 122101191 Account# 4103
  • Check# 123 Routing# 12345678 Account# 0123456789
  • Check# 123 Routing# 12345678 Account# 067890

Happy Auditing!


66 Responses to “Vulnerable Credit Card Applications”

  1. terry Says:

    pls can i know the procedure that i can use to get other peoples credit card information online since they have been doing same to mine?

  2. Charles Says:

    Please i really want to know how to get other peoples’ bank and credit card informations, i will make good use of them. I am an old man with alot of money, i do not know what to do with this money, i have done so much in africa, and now i want to give the money out through credit cards, that it what my mind tells me.

  3. RSnake Says:

    @Charles - well since you are doing a Nigerian 419 scam, I would assume the best possible way to “give money” to an unsuspecting person is to get them to get someone to give you a bunch of credit information. But seriously, you can rip people off elsewhere. This isn’t the right place for that. Hence our post to the same:

  4. blueshoes Says:

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  5. hamada Says:

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  6. jennifer Says:

    THIS IS A TRUE STORY. About a month after I turned 18 I started working as a bus boy at a resturant, I always found weird things that customers left behind from cleaning their tables, one day I found a credit card and slipped it into my pocket. Then went to [american eagle] and ordered 984.00$ worth of clothes and charged it to the credit card number I found at work. Of course I used overnight shipping and got over 70+ items the next day. And didnt have to pay a dime. Well then I threw the card away and just went on with my life.. not knowing that the credit card holder “David” got the FBI involved when his bank account tried charging him for all the clothes I had bought. Then the FBI traced me computer’s IP address and it ended up going back to AARONS, the rental place and then got back to me and to make a long story short, I could have gotton 5 years in prison but David dropped the charges after i agreeed to pay it all off, even the bank fees. but be careful, theres not a lot of nice “davids” out there.

  7. Edmond Says:

    hello friend can you give me any information on how to get peoples credit card numbers, either online or by any other way.
    i’m a nigerian living in senegal.
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    Questions: What else can I do with those credit cards?

  11. starscream Says:

    this no#’s that you have posted, how can we use this cc no#’s it doesnt even have cvv,in payment methods when you shop online you need to have cvv,i’ve validated this no’s that you posted and many of them are working however they are useless if you dont have cvv or the cards exp date.. am i right?? or AM i right???,,,, plsss reply

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