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Free Cloaking Script

Jaime from SEOegghead just emailed me with a post where he wrote a simple PHP cloaking script. It uses the IP lists from (which is used by Kloakit and other pay per use tools). It’s a pretty good demonstration script. I’ve actually chatted with Dan from IPLists before about his stuff, and I have some really good data that I’ll probably be sharing with the world in the not too distant future regarding spider mapping.

Ultimately, I think cloaking really has barely scratched the surface. If you haven’t read the post on how to detect cloaking, it’s an interesting read. That post is lacking a lot of information on other interesting ways to do cloaking. Most ways involve some sort of JavaScript. Since browsers don’t read JavaScript it’s easy to make the JavaScript do redirection, or even more tricky dynamically create the JavaScript based on IP addresses, etc. Not that I think IP addresses are the right way to detect spiders, but I’ll go into that in a later post. Anyway, take a look at Jaimie’s page.

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