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Jeremiah Grossman sent me this link today, that I thought was simply hilarious more than anything.  It is based off the Cutest KittenAuth CAPTCHA or the HumanAuth CAPTCHA but instead it uses a series of pretty women - it’s called Hot CAPTCHA.  Hot CAPTCHA uses the same basic turing test that the others do, except that it uses a hyper subjective series of photos.

Do I recommend using hot captcha?  Well if you are trying to protect a porn site and blind users are basically not going to have fun with your site either way, sure.  Other than that, I’m not sure the corporate world is going to be embracing this one any time in the near future.  It would be hard to tell my boss “Yah, sorry, I’m just trying to post to MSNBC - no really!”

I find myself feeling bad for some of the guys I know who clearly cannot pick out a cute girl if she were sitting on his face. They will be deemed a robot and never allowed to see the porn for which they seeked - which may have cured them of their lack-of-hot-girl-insight.  Anyway, worth a laugh.

2 Responses to “Hot CAPTCHA”

  1. RSnake Says:

    I did notice some repudiation in the “not-hot” images that would not work for “hot” images. In other words, you can, at times, see the same ulgy girl more than once. Comparing the images could immediately identify them as ugly. With enough refreshes (without actual submission) you could identify ALL of the ugly people and therefor know which ones were hot, programmatically.

    Ultimately, this suffers the same insecurities as the other image CAPCHAs listed, but that’s a unique issue to Hot CAPTCHA.

  2. Albert Says:

    wow this hot captcha was a laugh. Perhaps this is a good blocking/learning tool for little kids because of its subjectivity. Some people have bad taste in woman so who knows how many combinations of woman they have to pick until they get through.