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SEO Content Theft Comic Part 2

Insulong SEOPH published a follow on comic having to do with that SEO content thief a few weeks back. This time I apparently am getting him arrested for child pornography (something fairly easy to do, by the way - using XSS via browser caching no less). Also, I should probably comment on the last post as well, yes, I can turn people’s power off. That would have been a terrible idea though, as he already knew who I was. Federal time just isn’t worth it - I’d rather mess with him for a laugh to be honest. Anyway, enjoy:

SEO optimization comic about content theft
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2 Responses to “SEO Content Theft Comic Part 2”

  1. jozzua Says:

    “…yes, I can turn people‚Äôs power off…”
    Rsnake, you scare me.

  2. RSnake Says:

    Hahah, you know the funny part is, all of it is insanely easy. But I found that it’s almost worse to tell people how to do things like this for the security mystique. When I was first learning security, people would divulge their secrets, and I’d be like “Oh. There’s nothing special about that. I could do that.”

    Think of magic shows. It’s always amazing before you figure out how it works. Then after you are shown how the trick worked, you feel cheated. It’s just one more boring trick that anyone anywhere could do. Anyway, trust me, it’s not that amazing. None of it is. It’s just too bad that it does happen to be so easy.