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SEO Security Contest Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who submitted their request to join the private SEO Security board. There will be another announcement in the next day or so for anyone else who wants to join (again I make nothing off this, so this isn’t an advertizement for anything I’m working on - I just think it’s super interesting). And the winners are *drumroll*:

Blwood and Perle!

Oh but wait, there’s one more, I talked it over with the owner of the board and he extended a personal invitation to one more person, because we got so many good people submitting. So a big congrats to SEO Hippy too, who got a free subscription! So congrats to you three!

The three winners were chosen specifically based on skill and willingness to devote code to the group (just because you weren’t chosen, doesn’t mean you aren’t good, we just had some tough competition). I’ll email the winners to explain how to get started. To the rest of you, I appreciate you writing in and I’ll send you a personal email as well shortly. It was a tough race.

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