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Netcraft Sponsors Phishing - Sorta

Netcraft’s marketing department wasn’t firing on all 6 cylindars when they came up with this plan. Yup, Netcraft will give an iPod to the person who finds the most phishing sites. And who is the most likely to have tons of phishing sites at their disposal? You guessed it, phishers!

So if you are a phisher and you are looking to get yourself a free iPod, you can go ahead and sign yourself up and report your own sites first. I love contests like this. So game-able. If an iPod were worth anything, I might just build them myself and not send anyone but Netcraft to them - it’s not like that’s part of the rules that anyone else has to see them.

2 Responses to “Netcraft Sponsors Phishing - Sorta”

  1. maluc Says:

    Well if you are indeed a phisher, the fifth place person (top 5 win) currently has 348 reports .. with 15days to go. They can likely get much more value from their ~700 phishing sites than that ipod is worth.

    Although for a phisher, having Netcraft send you a “Thanks for all the Phish” engraved ipod, is a trophy worth telling your grandkids about.. ^^


  2. RSnake Says:

    It reminds me about way way back when I did some… uh… email marketing… and I got a invite to the sendmail conference addressed to our pretty obviously named… uh… email marketing company. I wish I had kept it to this day.