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Adultspace XSS Worm

Luny wrote to tell me about a new XSS worm that’s hitting ( is to as is to - if you remember your SATs). Anyway, it uses a cross between XMLHTTPRequest and the forums themselves to create the attack. It doesn’t use filter evasion. Luny attached a zip file if anyone wants to take a look at the source.

The attack is designed to make you friends with other people so that you can see their naked photos. It affects both the forums and the bulletin boards and because of how it’s written it’s pretty easy to detect.

I guess there are some perverts out there who happen to be pretty good JavaScript coders. Who knew? ;) This lends credence to the fact that community sites are intrinsically more dangerous than other sites. If you have pictures of yourself on there wearing nothing more than a smile you might consider taking it down until they ramp up their security.

Thanks for Luny for the tip!

4 Responses to “Adultspace XSS Worm”

  1. nEUrOO Says:

    It seems that coding a JavaScript worm is not enough exciting :P

  2. RSnake Says:

    Not compared to free porn! ;)

  3. misselinx Says:

    God.. that code so does not like self worm code.. I wouldn’t even call it a worm.. but technically it is.

  4. Mephisto Says:

    Free porn seems to be a strong motivating factor for people to learn javascript!