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SeaLand for Sale

A few years back I had an interesting business model requiring me to talk to countries like Sealand. Sealand is the world’s smallest country and it’s now for sale. The reason why Sealand is important to the security world is that it is not just an oddity with airgap protection but it is also the world’s most secure data-center. With no physical access, ultra secure computers, and networks, it is by far the most secure commercial hosting environment on earth.

Anyone have a billion to spend? I have got some great business models. Unfortunately the island is probably more hassle than it’s worth. Being extremely poorly known except for the security community doesn’t help much. Also it is obviously under current and constant threat of being taken over by Britain, making it a risky proposition for any high net worth activities that you want off shore and out of the hands of extradition treaties. It’ll be interesting to hear the future of the island state.

8 Responses to “SeaLand for Sale”

  1. Die Insel wird verkauft - Server Support Forum Says:

    […] permalink … und somit auch ein berüchtigtes Rechenzentrum, wo keine Gesetze gelten. web application security lab - Archive » SeaLand for Sale World’s smallest country up for sale - Yahoo! News __________________ Zwei Dinge sind unendlich: Das Universum und die Menschliche Dummheit. Aber beim Universum bin ich mir nicht ganz sicher. (Albert Einstein, dt.-am. Physiker, 1879-1955) […]

  2. phaithful Says:

    Duuuuuuuddddeeee…. that’s sweeeeet!!!!!!! I’d toss in $10k for a timeshare there. Preferably during the high season when the waves are calm so my F-35 Lightning II STOVL can land on the helipad.

  3. Legionnaire Says:

    I’ve read about this in the press. There original owner was some guy with the crazy idea to find a new country so he bought an abandoned oil platform in the middle of nowhere and started the legal stuff. By now “Sealand”, besides a tax-free paradise for businesses, issues its own currency, passports. I’m not sure whether you can find embassies around the world but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit! The part about the ultra-secure data center I didn’t know but I guess if you are CIA you can always send in a group of Naby Seals on the deck :D

    P.S.: Is it on eBay? LOL

  4. Want to Buy a Country? at Internet Business Blog Says:

    […] Apparently, the micronation, Sealand, is up for sale. Although its legal status as an actual nation state is disputed, I thought the history of this little country was interesting. Sealand was originally a British World War II Sea Fort, and began to be occupied by former British army major, Paddy Roy Bates in 1967, who declared it a state in international waters. Britain’s Royal Navy tried to evict Bates but were unsuccessful. A judge then ruled in Bate’s favour that Sealand was outside British Government control as it was beyond the three-mile limit of the country’s waters. In 1974, the Bates family introduced a constitution, flag, national anthem, currency, and passports. What does any of this have to do with the Internet and Business? Today, Sealand is one of the worlds most secure data-center. […]

  5. Says:

    The Pirate Bay is going to make a run at SeaLand.

    “… we want to buy Sealand. Donate money and you will become a citizien.

    We’ve set up a forum to discuss how the country is supposed to function. It should be a great place for everybody, with high-speed Internets access, no copyright laws and vip accounts to The Pirate Bay.”

  6. littlegreenguy Says:

    Sadly, thepiratebay will doubtless NOT buy sealand, the asking price is so stupidly high. Adding to this, I dont honestly think that the pirate bay people will have the dedication to maintain what is a pretty fragile place with some pretty hellish living conditions.

    That said, if someone had a good few million to spend (hey, surely noone will actually bid the full £500,000,000 for sealand), sticking one of [url=]these[/url] and a couple of decent sattelite uplinks on the top of it, with a bloke going out every week to refil the generators with diesel, could make themselves quite a nice packet in ultra secure hosting, until of course, as someone pointed out, the NSA find something that they dont like and send in the navy seals…

    That said, the current havenco stance of ‘we cannot guarantee that your servers will be up, but we will guarantee that your data will not be compromised’ is, for the circumstances, probably quite a good one, it means that even if some armed group sieze the ‘island’, they wont be able to get any actual data from the servers, its all in tamperproof casing (which sounds suspect to me but I daresay that it is) and encrypted.

  7. Amir Sarmad Says:

    Dumb Idea,

    If i had an online business that violates copyrightlaw i would definately host it in Iran. It has enough bandwidth, no ties with the U.S. the U.S wont vene bother complaining to the Iranians about private property of their citizens.

    only thing is you wont be able to host any porno or “unislamic” media.

    you could however , make a website to host books, software, house music…………………. etc

  8. RSnake Says:

    I don’t happen to know too many Iranian ISPs. :)