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Click Fraud Analysis by Google

Well I finally sat down and read the full 17 page report by Google on their analysis of click fraud. It’s not a terrible read, it’s not just telling the whole story, which was making me wince a lot. Sure, they have a point, users do hit refresh and they do click back on their browsers when they surf off a page. Yes, click fraud companies have a limited view of the world without being able to check against the actual click stats. But users also use Firefox. What’s that? How would a browser make a difference? It makes a ton of difference.

Google’s engineers obviously weren’t using Firefox when they wrote this report. When you click back on a browser in IE it will refresh any JavaScript on the page. So if JavaScript was used to output something it will get refreshed. In Firefox, however, the JavaScript does NOT get re-run, even if you tell Firefox to not cache the page with Pragma and Expires headers and meta tags. So while not technically complete or accurate, it’s an interesting document.

One Response to “Click Fraud Analysis by Google”

  1. jimfer Says:

    i have adsense web publisher and i used a few browser like flock,msie6,firefox and opera

    so what browser make visitor a fraud click?