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GORB Reputation Service

Ever heard of cyber bullying? I hadn’t either until yesterday. I guess it’s all over the news, but I don’t read that kind of stuff. I’m sure I saw a headline titled “cyber bully” and I immediately closed the window. But I guess it is a very real problem that has actually resulted in suicides. Hardly the kind of thing you normally think of when you are thinking of web applications but there you have it - the web can kill you. So apparently there is a new reputation service called GORB that takes this principle and tries to capitalize on other people’s misery. Unlike most reputation services it doesn’t bother verifying if the results are real or not (not sure how they deal with libel suits, but I’m sure it will happen sooner or later). I had to do everything in my power NOT to post this about the founder, Leonard Boord:

Meh, never liked the guy. He acts so proud of himself over this stupid business, he pretty much pisses off all his employees with the five finger discount with the corporate coffers and furthermore I don’t like the way he treats his significant other. If she were my sister I don’t know what I’d do - it wouldn’t be pretty, but Tijuana call girls are no substitute for love. Anyway, it’s not my place to say, I’ve just never gotten along with him. I just hope he gets clean soon, that stuff will kill you.

Alas, I didn’t post it, despite my incredible urge to mess with the system. But I’m sure there will be a number of people with less willpower who create havoc for otherwise innocent people. I wonder how long it will take for something like this to get shut down. Ultimately, it represents similar issue as don’t date him girl that allows people to post anonymously and obviously disparaging things about people on the Internet without their knowing. Think of the Internet as the new place to air your dirty laundry, even if it’s not really true. Fun stuff.

6 Responses to “GORB Reputation Service”

  1. SW Says:

    What a dumb site (gorb).

    Bet it never takes off.

  2. Jordan Says:

    On that note, it’s time for a refresher of John Gabriel’s Greater Internet #@$%wad Theory:

  3. Awesome AnDrEw Says:

    I’ve mentioned cyber-bullying in quite a few posts on here. I don’t personally see it as a big issue, but apparently a lot of lawmakers, angry parents, school districts, and police are pushing to make it illegal, and punishable. It’s a joke in my eyes, and people should realize it’s just words, made up of text, which are made up of characters. Kids shouldn’t be suspended from school for pointing out others’ short-comings outside of school, or trolling their MySpace. It’s been appearing in the papers here for the past few weeks (MySpace bullying leading to retarded phone calls to the police).

  4. SW Says:

    Agreed Andrew. Cyber-bullying is a joke. Regulation in general is a bad thing.

  5. Karen Lawrence Öqvist Says:

    Here’s a link to a ‘cyberbullying’ site on my website where there are some tips on how to recognise and deal with such situations that may happen to your own children -before it becomes serious as in the Ryan case:

  6. Awesome AnDrEw Says:

    I’ll try to be as sensitive as possible without trying to stamp on anyone’s toes (and let me assure you I am always apathetic toward anyone else’s problems). Sure it’s sad that this young kid killed himself. True it’s terrible how kids he knew attacked him online. But it’s life, and you get a reality check sometime or another. Everyone’s been picked on at some time or another, and everyone’s said something negative about another.
    These issues are part of growing up, and while killing yourself is a bit extreme (especially at 13) people should not lobby againsy this to shelter their children from hate. Some will realize sooner than others that not everyone in the world is going to like you, or get along with you, and that’s life. Children grow up to be adults who do the same thing (except mostly behind the backs of others). Since the Wii limits the character length I figure this will sum up my message: