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SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

Ferruh emailed me today about a new SQL Injection Cheat Sheet that he has built (similar in concept to the XSS Cheat Sheet) meant to be a learning tool for those who are unfamiliar with SQL Injection. It’s really good as it has a lot of explanations that go well beyond anything else I’ve seen. Click here for the SQL injection cheat sheet. To be fair, I know of at least two other SQL injection cheat sheets out there. First was my feeble attempt that I never followed through with (I’m too embarrassed to give out the URL any more than I already have since it sucks so bad) and Jungsonn’s SQL injection cheat sheet.

I’ve always like the concept of Cheat Sheets - the at a glance tools that help people understand a lot more about a topic or use as a reference. I was never one for lectures in school, I liked the hands on learning, and in fact, when I read books I almost always skim over the words and my eyes land on the code samples. So this kind of thing is really nice if you want to just see the code and read the supporting text once you get interested.

As a side note there is a big section of the forums devoted to SQL injection that I hope people will use to discuss the topic, as there is certainly more work to be done in this area. I encourage anyone new to the field to check it out, and anyone who’s an expert to lend their skills to any questions that arise. We’ve had good conversations but the more people understand the issue the better.

3 Responses to “SQL Injection Cheat Sheet”

  1. Awesome AnDrEw Says:

    Thank you for bringing these to my attention, Rsnake. I’ve read many (and I do mean many) papers on SQL injection, and completely understand the logic behind it (similar to most other forms of injection, which is just ending the preceeding statement, and altering what follows), but as I’ve never setup, or used SQL for anything (I like the simplicity of flat-files when there’s no sensitive data to be stored) I find it confusing at times to figure out the next step in penetration testing. I’ll probably never get into the whole SQL databases “thing”, because I just don’t personally need it, or have a use for it, but I always enjoy grasping a bit more of these concepts even if they’re outside of my normal computer habits.

  2. SQL Injection Cheat Sheet Says:

    […] través de una entrada en el blog de RSnake, he llegado a una interasante colección de ejemplos de SQL Injection que […]

  3. Albert Pucciani Says:

    I’ve always been curious about SQL Injections. As a software developer I’ve learned to escape every single query that the user can manipulate. Does anyone have any evidence that escaping a single quote into double-single quotes is a bad idea (i.e. ‘ becomes ”)? What else could be used to penetrate the single quote?