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Splog Hubs

The $100/month charge for the SEO Blackhat Forums is well worth it if you are either into getting ill gotten gains or into combating those gains. Every time I log in there I find out more interesting things that spammers and blackhat types are doing to make money. There’s a thread on there discussing splog hubs. For those of you who aren’t aware of what this is, let me enlighten you (picture ripped from said splogger):

On the right you have your unique content blogs, like mine or the dozens of other ones that you probably visit, with no malicious or spam content on them. In the middle is a spam hub. On that hub, the spammers pull all the content and aggregate it into a centralized hub. They use IP filtering so that the servers on the left can access it but no one else can. That way if for some reason the splogger visits his own spam hub, and sends a referrer (through an image by inadvertently clicking a link) the owner of the site cannot see their own content on the hub.

In this way they sploggers are scraping their own sites. This is so that when the owner of the site sees their content on the splogs on the right, even if they manage to take them down, they haven’t ruined the infrastructure that is used to scrape their content. Interesting. I have my own fun ways to combat this sort of things (along the lines of how I ruined the another splogger’s day. However, this is an interesting take (a splog by proxy) that I hadn’t heard of before in this way.

9 Responses to “Splog Hubs”

  1. drew - int2e blog Says:

    So the idea it to basically run the scraping (splog hub) on a different host than the splogs?

    Sounds like it you could still get the IP of the splog hub by including every client’s IP in HTML comments for all the content you serve. Perhaps like what you might have done here:

  2. hackathology Says:

    this is interesting, never knew that.

  3. beNi Says:

    Yep, these guys are very clever.
    Great technique

  4. hackathology Says:

    but quite frankly, i wouldn’t spend 100 a month just for a forum. How about you guyS?

  5. zeno Says:

    They are just repeating known methods. Google and you’ll find all the same info, just not in one place. The idea of link farms using dynamic content updated via RSS or other, and hiding the fetching url is nothing new.

  6. id Says:

    If you’re making thousands of dollars or more, a $100 to save time by just looking in one place is well worth it.

  7. X-Man Labs » Blog Archive » Splogging zum Spass und Profit Says:

    […] « […]

  8. MORO Says:

    The fee is WELL worth it! I’ve been a member for less than several months and I can honestly say I had no idea there could be such an authoritative resource on the Web. Think about it. You’re joining a forum moderated by RSnake, Quadszilla, Dan Kramer, and Jamie Sirovich. In other words, you can ask these guys questions and THEY WILL ANSWER THEM (if the questions make sense of course)! That in itself is worth $100/mo. (IMO). You won’t make money overnight but who does? I’m already starting to see a return and I’ve only read maybe a third of the threads (if not less).

  9. Carl Says:

    You have to pay 100$ as a moderator? I would ask at least for a discount of say 5% ^^ . So are you hanging out there for study purposes or are you actually a blackhat?