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OWASP Austin

Tuesday the 29th, I’ll be speaking at the OWASP (open web application security project) Austin chapter. If anyone is in the area, apparently it is held at the Whole Foods Market (downtown - plaza level) at 11:30AM-1PM. The topic I’ll be presenting on is “Bullet Proof UI - A programmer’s guide to the complete idiot”. It’s a mostly funny high level talk on why UI is an often overlooked aspect of security, and vice versa - how security is an often overlooked part of UI.

If anyone happens to be in town next week, feel feel to drop by, and listen in. If you can’t make it don’t worry, there’s nothing earth shattering going on, just a fun talk.

7 Responses to “OWASP Austin”

  1. Alex Says:

    Will the talks be recorded ? It’s way to far away from me. ;)

  2. RSnake Says:

    I doubt it will be, but I’ve never even been to an OWASP meeting in Austin, so I can’t comment. But I’m shocked that you wouldn’t immediately quit your job, leave your family, sell your car, jump a plane and move into the Whole Foods just for the chance to hear the talk! ;)

  3. Alex Says:

    I’m shocked, too ! ;)
    Perhaps someone is going to record the talk with his own mobile phone and spread it via ;)

  4. Ronald van den Heetkamp Says:

    What about racking the girlfriend with a camera? ;) Oops..! :p Yeah it’s way too far for me you know, it’s a pity. I really would like to join blackhat sometime, but for now it is just too far => Netherlands :(

  5. Alex Says:

    Maybe you’re interested in Defcon, too. So here’s an offer for you:

    I hope you can read German. Shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

  6. kelly Says:

    darn. I found your site ad 11:43 day of your talk. I would have appeared to listen to some profound high level humor!

    But alas… I couldn’t make it over there in time. DRATS.

    So, did they record it so we can listen to it?

  7. RSnake Says:

    haha, no worries, Kelly, yah it did go well. I had lots of good questions, but no, no one recorded it that I am aware of. Never fear, I’ll be around. I was asked to speak at OWASP San Antonio. It’s a bit of a drive but I might do that one too. It never hurts to know more people in the area interested in webappsec.