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Hacker May be Sued For Disabling Right Click Protection

This is simply one of the silliest things I’ve heard in a long time. A hacker out of Romania published direct links to an online radio station’s stream and for that they are attempting to sue him. He has a public statement here explaining his feelings on the matter. He didn’t even explain how he did it, but it’s pretty obvious as there are at least a dozen ways of seeing the source of something on the page.

This all goes back to crappy client side security. People for some reason think web page source should be intellectual property and invisible to the user viewing them. How do they think people learn HTML in the first place? They view source and copy what they think is cool or useful. It’s as old as the browser! I feel bad for the radio station - not because they have their content taken in a way they don’t like - but because they got so publicly outed. This is why you should have net savvy lawyers working for you if you have a net presence.

8 Responses to “Hacker May be Sued For Disabling Right Click Protection”

  1. Kyran Says:

    It’s pretty terrible.
    Mainly for the fact that if someone had JS disabled and wanted to find a bypass to listen to the music, they would have sued them too.

  2. Alex Says:

    The e-mail is a fake, I think. Look at the header.

  3. Mat Says:

    it’s a hoax

  4. RSnake Says:

    While compelling, do you have evidence that it’s a hoax?

  5. Mat Says:

    sorry, i wanted to write “i think it’s a hoax”, but who knows maybe it isn’t
    (btw. FF 2.0 shows error in the line “…event.button==2″ and right button simply works as usual :) )

  6. bubbles Says:

    I remember when I was like 12 years old I was trying to save pictures to my hard drive from a site. They had right click blocked and it too me hours to view > source. I was so proud of myself when I finally figured it out!

  7. devloop :: blog Says:


    Voici une affaire pour le moins aberrante que j’ai découvert par ha.ckers :
    Un blogeur qui utilise et défend les logiciels Open-Source, se plaignait que la radio en ligne où il écoute habituellement du Jazz, Atlanta Blue Sky, avait mis en place un…

  8. David Says:

    A SITE>>
    You give MY browser the files…
    MY browser downloads them…
    My browser now has ALL FILES on MY PC…
    MY Browser displays them the way I want…
    (Optional => I Fix them to the way I want.)

    So what what is the problem here ?
    If you don’t want people to have the info - don’t give it to them.

    Jeez, based off their design… I bet they still use IE 4+….