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Burp Proxy Call For Requests

I just got an email from PortSwigger (the guy who built Burp Proxy). If you haven’t used this tool in your manual assessments you are really missing out. It’s actually got me some of the best results I’ve ever had. Very sexy. Anyway, he is now taking requests for his next version, and if you have ever used this tool and found anything particularly fragile or annoying, now is your time to make your suggestions.

This is just to let you know that work is underway on the next release of Burp Suite, which should be available later this year. This will be a major upgrade with lots of new features in all of the tools.

At this point, it would be good to hear any other feature requests that you may have, however large or small. Please reply to me directly or join the discussion here:

and I’ll address as many as I can.

I’d be grateful if you would pass this email on to anyone else in your team who uses Burp Suite.

I think we should all take the time to make some suggestions as to how we could make this tool even more useful in the future. I appreciate that he’s taking the time and energy to create it, because it’s really one of the most powerful and easy to use applications out there. Combined with the SwitchProxy plugin in Firefox, it’s almost seamless.

5 Responses to “Burp Proxy Call For Requests”

  1. Adam-_- Says:

    It really is a great, multipurpose tool. I use it a lot to work out what’s going on in my web applications…

  2. Kyran Says:

    The Burp Suite is amazing!
    The only real beef I have with it is Java, but I can tolerate it for such an amazing program.

  3. BK Says:

    Burp Suite is a truly amazing tool… I had an old Aussie friend who introduced me to the proxy years ago. My favorite piece is Burp Intruder, itís so flexible and versatile… many error based SQL Injections were pulled off using Burp Intruder and the REGEX based payloads….

  4. maluc Says:

    love it. wish it weren’t java too however :/ .. intruder sounds interesting, havent messed with it much at all.

  5. Madhavi Says:

    What is the fetaure of Burp tool that has an advantage or which is not there in other security tools like Ratproxy or Webscrab?

    Can anybody suggest some web application and a few security test cases which i can perform on Burp security tool