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Photobucket Allows Public Access To Private Photos

I got an email from Ryan N today describing a huge privacy leak in Photobucket - allowing anyone to look at anyone else’s private photos. Photobucket protects photos normally by password protecting them. However, as Ryan found, a username/password is not the only way to access the photos:

Here’s a random livejournal user’s “bucket”
as you can see it requires a login.
replace the subdomain with ‘pb5′ voila, you’re in:

As you can see, simply by looking at the exact same directory on another hostname allows you complete access to the user’s private photos. Allowing indexing is not always a bad thing - sometimes it’s a huge convenience. Other times it’s a huge privacy leak that can cause people a lot of trouble and pain. Who knows what private photos people store there? This is a great example of why you can’t think about applications the same way browsers do (same domain policy). Other servers can provide equal or better opportunity for exploitation and data leakage if they are somehow tied together. It’s best to explore all options when doing penetration testing. Nice find, Ryan!

295 Responses to “Photobucket Allows Public Access To Private Photos”

  1. Sid Says:

    This certainly was a nice find, and something worthy of I should make something to just crawl everything, I’m lazy

  2. RSnake Says:

    just grab a bunch of users, and pump them through wget -r

  3. Awesome AnDrEw Says:

    I would like to refer you to, which is a collection of usernames I have archived using similar methods.

  4. tehe Says:

    nice. one boob for you:

    post them here ;)

  5. RSnake Says:

    NSFW alert!

  6. Awesome AnDrEw Says:

    I had written a program in .NET for archiving images in PhotoBucket accounts, but had purposely stayed away from adding the functionality of using this method as not many people knew of it, and it would have easily been disclosed by simply analyzing the requests made by my program. Because this vulnerability is public now I may add it to my program, but there’s the chance it could be patched by PhotoBucket, which makes me slightly reluctant. To those interested however I offer an archiving program I entitled, “ScuzBucket Dumper”, that I released last month.

  7. RSnake Says:

    Wow, the newb level went through the roof with this post. The point is not to exploit it. The point is to show the vulnerabilities so we can all learn from them. All I talk about are exploits all day long. If this is the one thing that you are worried about being fixed of alllll the things I talk about you are focusing on completely the wrong types of exploits, or are completely ignorant of the real exploits out there. This is absolutely nothing compared to what I usually talk about. But thanks for writing in! :)

    - Edit - Moderating off the newbs. Thank you for your love and affection.

  8. Tang Says:

    They’re sad because this was an easily used hole to see some random boobies. :D

    Looks like it’s fixed already anyway.

  9. Adams, Douglas Says:

    This has been fixed

  10. RSnake Says:

    Haha, well I’m sure there are plenty of other places to find porn out there, and likewise I’m sure there will be plenty more holes in photo hosting services. It was a trivial fix, so it’s no surprise they did so quickly.

  11. Kbot Says:

    Can you think of any other PB exploits off the top of your head?

  12. RSnake Says:

    That’s probably a better question for someone who actually uses the site. :) I’m sure other people have found exploits in their services and other photo hosting services if you ask around.

  13. Kbot Says:

    well if you hear anything! =]

  14. RSnake Says:

    I always seem to…. :)

    Btw, I should point out that it’s interesting that people were upset about me talking about this. If I hadn’t said anything no one would have known about it - making it not useful. As I did tell everyone about it, it got fixed and then it’s also un-useful. Either way it’s not useful. I like to call it logic.

  15. Anoni Says:

    Well i think you are wrong there,,Because your not the only one that found out about this little trick ;)

    So it was fun while it latsted ;)

  16. tk2 Says:

    I noticed that the image search is vulnerable to XSS :-/


  17. el_greco Says:

    They fixed in between 3 to 4 am last night (UK time).
    But there is saying….
    Security is futile and you will be owned sooner or later.
    Photobucket must have received so many complaints and lawsuits, because in fact they did expose almost all their users’ privacy. Protecting people’s privacy should have been the main priority and a constant goal of any service as such. Maybe we’ll read in news: “The Photobucket spokesman said: blah blah formal excuse…” This wont help anything since the damage was already done, and a serious bunch of users wont use their service again.

  18. Tang Says:

    For the people who DID know about it, this is probably as close as they’ve come to zero day.

    Seems the only people who wouldn’t want you talking about it are the people who already knew about it. Hence, it was useful for them but you made it un-useful.

    Either way it’s fixed :)

  19. Ryan N Says:

    Looks like there were some older exploits in /svc/api.php (those of you whining about your loss of precious lolboobs or whatever probably already knew about it).
    If this ‘pb5′ exploit was around as long as some messageboard claim it was, then I HIGHLY doubt the API is anywhere near secure.
    You may want to try digging around the flock source code.

  20. RSnake Says:

    - more moderation required -

    It seems that more people knew about this (which wasn’t clear to me in the email I received). Sorry for “ruining” things for people who apparently were abusing this system for a while. Alas… Let me make this clear to everyone - if you email me with exploits and say post them I will. So don’t blame _me_ that someone else asked me to post something on their behalf. If I hadn’t posted it for him someone else would have. Logic, my fiends, logic. Get over it, it’s fixed.

  21. Ronald van den Heetkamp Says:

    Woohoo… :) I missed something. ;)

    Bottom line is: don’t store your private pics anywhere.

  22. A S Prakash Says:

    Nice finding, seems that the people concerned have fixed the bug!

  23. Gyrextt Says:

    2 things…

    1. is the tos’d exploit still working, I was under the impression they were 2 separate exploits.

    2. There is another way, you must have patients though. It is very easy but time consuming, And it isn’t an exploit. Do your homework people.

  24. Ryan N Says:

    RE #1, AFAIK this was NOT the TOS exploit, as it was not giving access to TOS’d images.

  25. Spider Says:

    Its not as easy as the bug you wrote about, but their login is susceptible to xss as well. So you’d just have to social engineer someone to login with a username containing the xss and then you could just have their password.

  26. Gyrextt Says:

    yes, there is no garente. That is not what i’m referring too. I’m at a 100% success rate with my method, and It has nothing directly to do with the owner of the bucket.

  27. Anonymous Coward Says:

    You know, all you’ve gained from posting this publically is spoilt the fun for people who might have already found this and wanted to look around etc.

    I know that as a whitehat you gain some kind of buzz by being the little granny to inform people of their flaws, but at the end of the day nobody cares, for if it is not public information there is in effect no problem anyway.

  28. iBMX Says:

    it doesnt work

  29. Iceman Says:

    I’m really new to this sort of thing and didn’t realize photobucket had exploits like this. does this happen often, or is this somekind of fluke?

  30. Germy Says:

    Actually, this hack was required in order to access the TOS hack so the TOS hack is also no longer available. Thanks again for posting it and ruining it.

  31. navairum Says:

    Hey rsnake,
    I checked junk and all that and nothing was there for email activation. I tried to email you but couldn’t find your address anywhere, so sorry about the comment. Do you think you could manually add me as a user so i can post on
    Thanks alot,

  32. RSnake Says:

    @Anonymous Coward - You’ve got some crazy logic there my friend. Guess you’ll need to find a new exploit.

    @Iceman - from what I am aware of there has been a number of flaws found in their software.

    @Germy - No idea what a TOS hack is. I have never used photobucket - I’m not up on the l33t hacks in that service. I know my teenaged nephew used that service at some point - I figured it was only for teenagers. I’m not sure what I ruined other than disclosing something someone else was going to disclose anyway if I hadn’t. Read the post - I was not the one who found it, I was asked to disclose it on his behalf. I had no idea anyone was using it, therefor you are getting mad at my ignorance, rather than anything I did to intentionally hurt you or anyone else. Please look elsewhere for scapegoats.

  33. bob Says:

    rsnake, is there an email i can reach you at? i have a few questions maybe you can help me with? thank you!

  34. iBMX Says:

    is it seriously working for you guys?…cause its not for me

  35. id Says:

    navairum you can email me for access or try another email address as some services block our mail server.

    sl at this domain, or rsnake who is h at this domain (base domain

  36. SF Says:

    Just an FYI:

    Google for the persons name…

    Then view the cache…

    Then view the images…

    Works for this example…don’t know if it works for others?

  37. RSnake Says:

    @iBMX - no the hole is fixed.

    @bob and navarium - both id and my email addresses are located on the about us page linked to from the homepage. We don’t exactly hide our addresses. ;)

    @SF - very good point… There’s no reason Google wouldn’t have cached some amount of the private photos since the robots.txt file doesn’t disallow indexing.

  38. bob Says:

    how do you view the cache?

  39. please help Says:

    hello–I’m really hoping that someone will know the answer to this. anytime I search for a photobucket on google to check out its cache, google doesn’t come up with any results. this isn’t just for one or two photobuckets either, it’s for anything I look up. am I doing something wrong? or am I just that unlucky?

  40. not bob Says:

    I can’t get the google search to work for anything else, I just get te no matches found page

  41. phpwin Says:

    real useful tip… or not :P

  42. Ronald van den Heetkamp Says:

    What’s up with that? bunch of dirty voyeurs!

  43. Malachias Says:

    Nice find… stopped working fairly recently though.
    Hehe it was fun while it lasted ;)

  44. please help Says:

    Index of /albums/v462/glass0rthodoxy is all that came up when I clicked your link phpwin :(

  45. Germy Says:

    @RSnake - By TOS hack I mean photobucket pulls pictures that violate their terms of service, hence the acronym TOS. The hack allowed access to the server where photobucket stored the pictures it pulled. It was a goldmine of naughty sh*t.

    Just because someone sends you something, doesn’t mean you have to post it. Would you jump off a bridge if I sent you an email requesting it? Sure, it may have been posted eventually, but your the guy that posted it, so yes, it is your fault that the hack was patched because you posted it first. What’s the point of a hack that doesn’t work anyways? Why would you post any hack on the internet? Photobucket thanks you for being their bitch.

  46. RSnake Says:

    @Germy - Thanks for the explanation on the TOS hack, I don’t really care and didn’t ask, but thanks anyway. People like you crack me up. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  47. Emma Says:

    I can’t believe there are people out there who, after intentionally invading someone’s private photo’s - regardless of whether there was an omgz saucy hack or not - would then have a hissy fit when the patch was fixed.

    Jezz, I thought that better security on web pages that hundreds of users use would be a good thing; instead people are becoming annoyed that they can’t gawk at a pair of breasts. Damn have my knickers been twisted the wrong way tonight [in a non-crude way!]

  48. Estar Says:

    Germy… if you can, how did you find out what server the tos images were stored on? obviously there are hundreds of servers i.e. img. i57, s45, vid39 and so on. i didnt realize that pb actually stored the removed images. they must just store them for a particular ammount of time in case someone complains about them being removed.

    cheers mate.

  49. germy Says:

    @estar - actually, i think they store them for legal reasons. i’m not going to say the file path here cause some rat will f*ck it up.

    @snake - i mean is this a hackers site or a security site? the name is If your site is for ‘hackers’, then why ruin our fun? why is it your job to expose security vulnerabilities? is this a security site? why don’t you shave you sideburns and go beat up a black guy you pig.

    @emma - i like to gawk at breats, so f*ck you. Were not here to increase security on corporate web pages, were here to exploit them. the name of this site is, not, so pull your twisted knickers out of your fat-ass and mind you own fuc*ing business. Anyone who posts private pictures to a website is f*cking retarded anyways.

  50. Estar Says:

    Germy… no worries mate, respect your reasoning , i’ll keep on trying to work this one out myself! cheers

  51. RSnake Says:

    @germy - “i mean is this a hackers site or a security site? the name is” No, the name is “ web application security lab.” We do both - we find vulnerabilities and we talk about fixing them. You asked “why ruin our fun?” I’m not sure how many times I have to say this, but I had no idea anyone was actually using it. I didn’t intentionally disclose something I felt was in use - if I had I surely would have mentioned that fact (as I did in the phisher interview for instance).

    The thing I find confusing is the fact that that you actually think this is a “hack.” An open directory is not a hack. This is actually one of the stupidest posts I’ve ever done - except for the fact that it affects so many people.

  52. Tom Says:

    It seems there is another exploit using Feed to gain a list of filenames from private albums. feedHostname feed.rss

  53. andria Says:

    So does this work anymore? or is it not possible to view private albumbs on photobucket any more?

  54. phpwin Says:

    @Tom: I take it you haven’t actually confirmed that?

    I experimented with that approach and didn’t have any luck. PhotoBucket returns an RSS feed for public albums, and a blank page for private albums. Simple as that, unless there’s some trick to it.

  55. James Says:

    Re:Tom .. How do you use this exploit?

  56. felicia for "Tom" Says:

    # Tom Says:
    July 24th, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    It seems there is another exploit using Feed to gain a list of filenames from private albums. feedHostname feed.rss

    can you explain what you are talking about? where can i get this other exploit. you can e-mail it to me. & i swear i wouldnt tell a soul. esp if i knew itd be patched if i told the world. lol. but please help me with this other exploit.

  57. felicia for "Tom" Says:

    oh to TOM
    the feed only works on public albums

  58. MissLushyLushDGAF Says:

    Ha everytime I find a hack for photobucket I’m a day late and a dollar short, those things get patched quite quickly

  59. Ronald van den Heetkamp Says:

    Send 100$ each and i’ll teach you all the l33t stuff how to steal pictures from a “photobucket”. For an additional 50$ i’ll throw in a picture scraper for flickr! ;) good stuff, the first 10 get a 10$ discount so hurry up! :)

  60. sally Says:

    i’ll paypal the $100. email me at

  61. lol.. damn yall desperate! Says:

    damn research the shit yourself the right way and you wont have to pay nobody no 100 bucks. i always find the exploit.. but i never find it early enuff to enjoy it.. but sally u gotta be a fool to pay a fool 100 dollars. keep ur money and research the hell outta google.. u will stumble across something.. or just stick to the fusker. damn desparate asses!

  62. Ronald van den Heetkamp Says:

    Fools, just download ‘Teleport pro’ with utorrent, and you’ll copy the whole site in a few hours. It’s called scraping & snatching all legit.

  63. Adolfo Pepe Says:

    Teleport Pro still requires you to enter a user/pass for private content. Is there a way to get around this? What settings are needed? Thanks!

  64. K Says:

    @Ronald van den Heetkamp you really don’t know anything about PB, don’t you?
    It’s was great if an Hacker like you could spend some time on it. PB is like a big boat full of holes… Go Go boy and make us all happy;)

  65. That Bitch Says:

    somebody, hack this one:

  66. chad Says:

    not looking for handouts but would greatly appreciate a gentle nudge in the right direction to uncover exploits myself. As I would expect finding them would be the most fun and intrieging. The spoils would seem much nicer knowing you did it yourself.

  67. Luke Says:

    OMG! These comments are so full of FAIL it hurts.

    @RSNake - where the hell are all these people coming from? It seems you got linked from some sort of clueless n00b nexus or something. I’m just wondering what is it. lol

  68. RSnake Says:

    :( I know. Painful.

  69. pb Says:

  70. pb Says:

    i just posted that thing for that pb account the person asked for, i was just thinking its prolly better not to post it, do what you will though.


  71. lanaaaaaaa Says:

    does this actually work? Is there a way to see people photos on private photobuckets?
    Cos when i tried to do it, it wouldnt work. =[

  72. downtown Says:

    does anyone hav a hack for this, what really works, i soo wanna hack my ex pb account, 2 get back at her & delete the pics us :D, if anyone can help email me theside118@gmail

  73. downtown Says: even :P

  74. D-depps Says:

    some one hack this account plz nigga stole my pics how gay

  75. yeeah. Says:

    there’s a new exploit. and it hasn’t been patched yet as far as i know..
    so keep trying.

  76. pb Says:

    new exploit has been patched how lame. everyone move a long nothing to see here.

  77. Awesome AnDrEw Says:

    Wow. I didn’t even realize this blog was still being commented on. As far as “exploits” go there are still at least two issues that continue to work.

  78. sad Says:

    how do you guys go about figuring these exploits? yes, i am an idiot, i know nothing about hacks and whatnot, but i’d really love to know. i’m sure the same thing has been asked already but if there’s any help anyone could give, it’d really be appreciated. i’ll let you know my email address if you’re willing to talk about it privately!

  79. k Says:

    when are you gonna release those exploits? or are you not

  80. f Says:

    yeah…. one of those exploits is already patchedup… only took a few days. thanks fuckers

    and we find the exploits cause we have half a brain, know how to read, and dont count on someone else doing work for us, now you can go eff yourself too buddy…

  81. Eric Says:

    ok guys, i could reallllly use some expertise here, im a complete moron when it comes to anything to do with this kinda stuff. But — i’m decently computer savy, so walking me through this wouldn’t be too difficult.

    i am going away to the bahamas in 2 days for my 3 year anniversary, and i could really use someones help. i was putting a collage together for my girlfriend, and stupid me stored ‘naughty’ pictures on photobucket.. i thought it’d be cool and all since my account is private. but there HAS to be a way to get them back..

    can someone PLEASE help me with this? i’d reallllly appreciate it beyond belief.

    my email is

  82. Yoooooo Says:

    That pb5 thing does not work

  83. L Says:

    I could really use these exploits myself. If you could, please send them to

  84. Yoooooo Says:

    I dunno where to post this question and have tried other none sucsessful places,
    I am banned from a forum and cant get in,a proxy server does not help as you have to have a specific username and password that matched your username and password of the place,
    i.e you play on and to join the forum you need to have the same password/username that you signed upto the game with otherwise you can not read the forum,i was banned so cant get back in,

    Can anyone help?

  85. Ponce Says:

    I want the exploit

  86. foobar Says:

    this page has been linked to on Digg, that’s where all your morons are coming from.

  87. yes. Says:

    Maybe instead of posting the exploits and whatnot online, just set up a hotmail account with all the emails address of people that want it stored to it as contacts and just email it to them? Maybe then they won’t get pached so quickly.

  88. a-team Says:

    I totally agree that if people find these so called ‘exploits’ they should not tell everyone and their sister about them since that does lead to the patching up really quick like . In other news tho, i would like to know how people ’stumbled’ upon these loopholes. I obviously don’t know enough about this stuff. Could someone point me in the right direction as in ‘how to guides’ or even what to search for so i could learn how to find my own holes?


  89. Jon Says:

    A safer alternative to photobucket is Private files are private, and sharing is done either publicly or to groups of friends you define. Oh yeah, more space, hyperlink access, and bulk uploads make this site a real contender.

  90. Spooky Says:

    Wouldn’t mind some exploits if anyone has anything that works.
    not a big fan of doing the work, just enjoying the rewards ;)

  91. Tarheels Says:

    i have found a new sub domain you type it and it works

  92. Anonymous Says:

    What is the new subdomain?

  93. Tarheels Says:

    if you want it than pm me on my msn

    i’m not giving it for free. must pay by paypal

  94. ton3d3f Says:

    Somebody crack this girls photobucket!

  95. magdalena Says:

    well hi guys i wanted to know if anybody can do me a favorr. you see i have a myspace and everythingg and now i have this fake myspace of me and the girll has a photobucket accountt and i neeed 2 c what pictures she has i want to delete her photobucket account tho. can anybody help me out with hacking her account ? you can email me at or AIM me on bl4zin x sh0rty
    thanks :)

  96. intrinsick Says:


    yer a noobie eh. download firefusk. go back to one of your images you find on the myspace.. fusk that sh*t. really simple.

    something i found using this process


    but there wasn’t much win in there, that i could find.

  97. intrinsick Says:

    oh and awesome andrew, way to be pal. your scuzbucket program is decent, but on the downloading page you make no mention that it won’t scrape private albums.. once the program is downloaded, only then does it kindly inform you that only public buckets can be accessed.. so all your program really does is make it more convenient to download whatever you find on an open bucket directly to a folder.
    nothing special ;/


  98. Kim Says:

    The only url I have is this:

    So I replaced i50 with pb5 but that didn’t work -.- I can see the picture but not enter the album. What to do???

  99. Kathy Says:

    this is so not working…i need to hack my photobucket, because i forgot my pw aaaaaaaand my email!

  100. Jess Says:

    can some one hack this pb accout for me?

    thank youu :)

  101. ohmyneck Says:

    someone hack this account–

  102. Roger Says:

    Can someone hack these two for me?

    i just need the passwords for both?
    Please and thank you :]

  103. d Says:

    so does anyone know how to get full albums? Is there main index page for accounts i think there was one called ?start=all but it doesn’t work

  104. d Says:

    the “pb5.” works on single images

  105. sock3t proxy Says:

    I know this guy that hacks it for 5 bucks an album. he did like 10 for me. hit up my email if u want to get details. he does it the same day and respondes to his emails in a matter of minutes plus he will do one for free for u to prove it and doesnt fusker. he gets every single image out of the photobucket including sub albums. Yes he gets images like “jhchhjh.jpg” 5 bucks an account.

    i will give u more info serious people only.

  106. fuskertech Says:

    pb5 hasnt worked for months

  107. Mike Says:

    AWESOME. I needed an image for a work file and had no access to the clients photobucket while they were away, I knew the file name so I tossed that pb5. after the http:// - worked like a charm! Thanks!

  108. Z Says:

    ATT: d
    re: “” the “pb5.” works on single images “” comment
    What are you talking about?

  109. Jazelle C Says:

    crack this PHOTOBUCKET please????

    email me -

    thanks :)

  110. Jordan H Says:

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  111. Cierra Says:

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  112. Cierra Says:

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    *sorry for posting twice*

  113. Amy Says:

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  114. sean Says:

    hack this one, looks promising

  115. DinaX Says:

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  116. cassie Says:

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  120. dee Says:

    someone mail me something so i can get into my 13yr old account thanks. I think she has a 42yr old stalker. Thanks. Don’t know how good this site is.

  121. Josh99999 Says:

    i dont understand
    how does it work

  122. Rez Says:

    Well, it does not really work, if you set up the account with a guest password. i tried to go into mine with pb5, it goes back to the window where it asks for a password. so i guess we should not worry that much.

  123. sh0n Says:

    Hey can someone please hack this PhotoBucket account and send me the password at

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  128. dan Says:
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    if you want to be a known hacker of americas most famous girl

  129. Nat Says:

    yeah double post cuz I forgot to put the link with his pic

  130. thanks passy Says:

    Passy, whomever that girl is…she’s hot. When her hair is light (and not dark) She kind of looks like Amy Reid.

  131. stephanie Says:

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  132. bonnie Says:

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  133. ANON Says:

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  134. needs help Says:

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  135. B Says:

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  136. Nat Says:

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    I think i did smt wrong. thats why im asking for help to hack this bucket.
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  137. Becca Rosi Says:

    Could someone maybe please explain this a little bit further? I’d really appreciate it! I’ve added the firefusk and I can see all the image links/addresses, but I cannot seem to figure out how to view an image!

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