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Producer Seeking Secondary Ticket Market Hacker

Normally I don’t pass this kind of stuff along on ha.ckers (rather this generally winds up on sla.ckers) but I wanted to get this out to a wider audience as I’m not sure there are a lot of people who are involved in this who read sla.ckers. Anyway, I can vouch for this person, and if you want to talk to him about secondary ticket markets (in particular using timing to buy lots of tickets all at once, based on our conversation) let me know and I’ll forward his contact info to you.

Iím a producer for a cable network and looking to do a story on the explosive growth of the secondary ticket market (Stubhub, Ebay, etc.) Iím not interested in doing an extended debate on the pros and cons of the free market system because I think that would be horribly boring. Rather Iím interested in exploring how programmers and software developers have figured out ways to take advantage of the arbitrage opportunities that the primary market system offers. The two most recent examples are a Hannah Montana concert that the ďaverageĒ fan couldnít get tickets for and the Colorado Rockies website crashing as they tried to sell their World Series tickets to the public. Iím looking to talk with as many people as possible about exactly how this works and anyone/everyone who might be involved in buying from the primary markets and re-selling on the secondary markets. Our conversations can be off-the record and if we both decide it makes sense to move forward we can talk about shooting an on-camera interview for the story.

Btw, I love the title - I feel like a matchmaker. Is it valentines day, already?

3 Responses to “Producer Seeking Secondary Ticket Market Hacker”

  1. carter Says:

    i have written websites and worked with ticket brokers and can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about how they automatically buy tickets

  2. BearBack Says:

    I assume it’s site by site, though I don’t know much on the Ticketmaster setup. Do share. Where can I read up?

  3. blaqboi Says:

    I Need a hacker to work with,which site do i get hackers from?