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Buy Diggs and Votes on StumbleUpon

There’s an interesting site called Subvert and Profit where the owner claims to sell diggs and votes on stumbleupon for traffic generation. Selling at $1 per vote/digg the goal is to monetize that traffic through various marketing campaigns or traffic arbitraging. Pretty interesting business model, and at worst it’s against the ToS of the various companies - it’s probably not illegal in any way. Blackhat SEM at it’s finest. It’s really not much different than buying paid links on websites if you think about it.

Some of the testimonials on the Subvert and Profit blog are pretty telling, such as, “the mind-boggling barrage of traffic which comes next, is nothing less than euphoric”. I can definitely agree that the volume of traffic from digg and stumbleupon, as well as reddit dwarfs slashdotting in our experience. Traffic arbitrage is here to stay, as long as the margins stay there. Pretty interesting!

3 Responses to “Buy Diggs and Votes on StumbleUpon”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Pretty stupid if you ask me because if you’re site isn’t at all interesting it will get negative votes anyway..

  2. Dicipulus Says:

    I may be the only one to have thought of this, but then again it may be a stupid idea all together, but here it goes. Am I the only one the figures people just blindly click on hyper links at places like Digg? To me, it seems like a very interesting vector of attack for bot nets and the like. Someone from Digg clicking on a hyper link that send you to god knows where, just b/c Kevin Rose and Co. have it on a front page….
    I am sure the amount of people using No-Script and running as Admins on WinDoze computers is huge for sites like that.
    It’s just a random thought, and like I said, I know enough to know I don’t know about a lot of things, but I figured this was a good site to put the theory out there and at least learn from the comments that follow.

  3. Dicipulus Says:

    Seems I wasn’t too far off at all……
    From: Brian Krebs on Computer Security

    Indeed, when I used LinkScanner to test one of the links returned in a search for Ms. Moratek — a user-generated post at — the test came back warning that the link tries to install a “trojan fake codec.”