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DoSing the DDoSer

Well, it was a long Sunday. I was planning on going and hitting some balls on the golf course, but no, instead I spent the better part of the day dealing with a DDoS attack. Before it was completely killed 73 IPs were used to perform a flood of GET requests against Thankfully we were able to thwart the attack by writing some tricky software to detect the attack and firewall it. But it was still the better part of a day dealing with it.

The end result was we found the attacker (the owner of who apparently was made fun of at some point a year ago on the board). When pride goes too far, eesh! More on this user here. Cyberhacker665 is in at least some way affiliated with or owns The attacker did a vanity search for himself before initiating the attack. The original IP was tracked back to the attacker’s ISP, who was sent an abuse email and now the user is offline for the time being. We effectively DoSed the DDoSer. It’s too bad, I had long forgotten about that post - apparently he hasn’t.

This wasn’t the first high volume traffic incident we’ve received (we’ve been slashdotted several times, and reached the front page of Digg and Reddit as well) and we get tons of attacks per day. But this was probably one of the worst. Just another day on… Golfing would have been better use of a Sunday, even if I suck at it.

21 Responses to “DoSing the DDoSer”

  1. digi7al64 Says:

    I can’t wait for the video describing in detail how he practically disabled the entire Internet with GET requests.

  2. Null Says:

    Those evilzone punks do a lot of damage. Their forum openly flaunts all sorts of criminality. Good you reported it.

  3. Turkish_OG Says:

    Cyberhacker655 AKA netsplitter real name Alexander is the owner of

    Evilzone came about 2 years ago owned by he chose cyberhacker655 as co-admin because he was at the forum for a long time…Then cyberhacker655 attempted to take over promising the members a new dedicated server costing over 100 euros a month, he would have torrent trackers, seeders, radio, better forum everything better and more efficient…This was all lies, in a bid to take over as admin…..He is not skilled in anything, he has breifly gone over python and C language but he still isnt capable of creating anything that could damage you…the only thing he has experience in is using milw0rm exploits, and cocksucking for botnet sources and then compiling them…He managed to take over the forum because he was more active and chatted frequently to the members, along with lies…he managed to take over…and manipulate everybody to come to his forum and leave the previous evilzone site…since then the forum went down….full of skiddy n00bs who dont know jack shit and actually dont care..fuck they are their for the DOS tools, some of its members actually admit that…and if you look in the club showoff….every single hack is a milw0rm exploit…there isnt one…not one…out of the hundreds of pages that required more than 15 mins….10 of which finding out what to do with the script….and 5 cocksucking for help on how to use the exploit saying that they dont understand the simple comments…made for them to fucking understand…

    Netsplitters email addresses are something like that may not be it but if U see an email related to him something along those lines it would be that…and the one he uses for MSN is he is 16, and is Romanian but lives in some shithole estate in greece…

    He is also a backstabber and a moral less dickhead, he and his forum is a fucking joke…

    I do have more info. but I may need to use it as blackmail so wont publish it publicly….luckily for him ;)

    he is a total n00b and dickhead, and will surely be going down soon.

  4. RSnake Says:

    The attack continues where it left off. Cyberhacker665 is continuing his attack against the site. This time it was using 350 IPs instead of 70. The site appears to be stable for the moment, but we’re keeping a close eye on it.

  5. Emma Says:

    Is the attack him bombarding you from many IP’s or what’s coming from the IP’s?

  6. mybeni websecurity Says:

    haha, entertaining shit is going on here… congrats

  7. TURKISH_OG Says:

    @ Emma ‘73 IPs were used to perform a flood of GET requests against’

    and yes his yahoo is quantum_junkie by the way this was ages ago….

  8. shwack13 Says:

    he has recently try’d to hack
    and has been unsucsessfull so me and my admin hacked his website .
    Connection Problems
    Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.
    and were also at the moment stealing his latest db. and not giving it back. and the date is may 7 ,08 10:02 pm.

  9. Xeross Says:

    Ok hey folks and happy to see Turkish_OG again(Sorta), well turkish_og could we get in touch again through mail or something i have important matters to discuss with you.

    No evilzone not teaming up with him to take u guys down.

  10. Xeross Says:

    Also one more thing Turkish_OG is right about the increasing number of skiddies

  11. Odin Says:

    Haha You guys are pretty dumb. First of all: sykopainkilla is down.

    Abuse mail will do wonders.

    Don’t fuck with evilzone. We own you. If not through an exploit then we’ll find the way to get what we want.

    Second: Net’s name isn’t alexander. I know this because I had the privilege of actually knowing his full name. It’s Amurgo Vercetti.

  12. Odin Says:

    One more thing: If you have my ip: please report me to the cops :D

  13. SpK Says:

    Don’t you use your neighbors internet? lol

  14. xploit Says:

    Hey shwack, turkish_og, odin, and xeross whats up :P

    shwack and turkish are pretty damn pissed at netsplitter (cyberhacker655) because turkish became a snitch and shwack was just a huge cock-sucking noob. so, consequently they were both banned, and now they cry and bitch all day about it and hate netsplitter with a passion.

    jeez, EZ tried to take ya guys down, you repelled the attack and thats that, good job ;) we might try again. so be on the lookout :D

    and also I lol’d at Null’s comment. suck a cock eh? :D

  15. joepie91 Says:

    Looks like ur messing some people’s names up… I am using my neighbour’s net, not Odin :P

  16. Arsenal Says:

    LOL netspliter is not cyberhacker655 haha. i asked him myself but nice try though

  17. Turkish_OG Says:

    You think i give a fuck about some n00b mother fucker shwack…I know the nigga….SPK site is a fucking joke…

    Me a snitch? Dont respect no mofucker who dont respect me back….
    Fucking netsplitter still DDoSing what the fuck man….hide behind your computer and DDoS? no real attacks nothing? If he is still mofucking backstabbing n00b he would DDoS any fool can even social engineer but u dont see him with the balls to even attempt that shit….

    And Vercetti? Give me a break…Ask him what my last name is man…it IS Vercetti…

    Xeross if i wanted to contact you I would ok….
    and arsenal shut the fuck up man….you are the biggest joke of evilzone….even more than shwack and micker….

    and shwack shut the fuck up…..u didnt hack it….your admins suck on netsplitters cock and u know it… even thinking you do since you come back to the forum all the time spamming….

    Fuck I been away….and nothings fucking changed….still a load of fucking n00bs still probably talking shit and backstabbing…

    And Odin shut the fuck up…I dont have a problem with you at all you were a cool guy, u just turned into a bit of a sheep….and kinda a dick…..If netsplitter wernt so fucked up….he could of resolved the situation….and if yall niggas wernt such sheep you would of found out for yourself what really went down….I owned evilzone…..and they tried to fuck with me….I know all about netsplitter trying to get my cell number this and that….and it all failed….

    I aint a back stabber, I never go against my word (unless i am deliberately lying to you) I am always loyal and respect those who respect me back….

    Did no wrong it was you guys that started the shit….I didnt exactly help things but im not gonna stand down and let anyone fuck with me….even if its a huge n00b army…

    Looks like nothings changed looks like im the only one thats been out making things happen…the rest of you cats are just still sitting around still acting like you are hackers…Evilzone would be better if i was there….

    You slipped up now look at shit….

    Everyone acting like they know shit….I roll mainly by myself now…Dont act like you know shit about it….I actually helped a lot of guys there….Think I would turn my back on yall? ‘Hate you with a passion’? no…Dont get me confused with other people….You guys dont know shit, u just jump at the first story you hear….

    You guys never owned me I owned you….Am I boasting about it? Did i come back to own you some more? No I left i didnt come back to spam the forums or shit….I thought you deserved that much respect……looks like I was wrong you dont deserve shit and your still fucking around nothings changed…

    I aint a snitch I aint nothing….you calling me a snitch? Point of my above post was exposing netsplitter saying he isnt a threat and he is nothing to fear….He just losing the potential…..Xeross if you need me, just post about it somewhere…..Il hear about it…and I will contact you….

    Im actually ashamed of you guys….

    And im not involved in any attacks against evilzone….get your facts right….

    A reply to all posts above….

  18. shwack13 Says:

    Turkish_OG i Respect Every dicision you made and appritiate what you did with a passion. i hope everything goes well with you and if net try’s to fuck with you i know you will own him cause that nigga’s a joak.
    and if you dont mind to teach me some things . i will be your mentor,its your choice i like to dedicate my life to hacking.

  19. Xeross Says:

    Shwack u dont know fuck about what happened, and ur just talking bullshit in the hope turkish_og will like you

  20. RSnake Says:

    I don’t see this thread going anywhere and it’s just degrading quickly. I really don’t care what happens on, and this entire conversation just appears to be revolving around issues people have with each other over there. I just deleted a post from Monkey which was just insults and no other content.

    All future messages to this thread will be deleted unless it is relevant to the original post, since I don’t think anyone other than the posters know anything about or care about the issues you seem to be disagreeing about. Since the bulk of these comments don’t have anything to do with the topic or the site, feel free to post your comments on, which appears to be more relevant to your concerns.

    I hope you all work out the problems you have with one another.

  21. GamerZFX Says:

    This is funny :D I just don’t like -ande- for saying that I gave him a virus and turned everyone against me :’( So I reported denven and for giving away my database to my old forum to the FBI cyber crime division… lol