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WASC Meetup at RSACon2008

If you haven’t been to RSACon and are into the whole schmoozing aspect of the security industry, you need to book your flight right now. RSACon is basically a bazaar of vendors from all over the world, promoting their tools. There’s no substitute for it. I wouldn’t expect to go to it and learn anything from the talks, but it is cool walking around talking to the vendors, seeing the new terminology that they’ll be stuck with for the next 12 months, and getting the pitches. I personally love that con for the sellout aspect if nothing else. But wait, that’s not all…

For the last few years Jeremiah has been putting on the RSACon WASC meetup. It’s just a few hours for everyone to get together who’s interested in webappsec. The first year it was just a few of us. The next year it was around 100 people. It’s no doubt going to be even bigger. It just shows how big this industry is getting! So if you are interested, check out the details on Jer’s blog. If you happen to be in town, even if you’re not coming to the conference please drop by. I’m always up to meet webappsec people!

One Response to “WASC Meetup at RSACon2008”

  1. Jon A. Longoria Says:

    I’ve put in for leave of that week’s dates, since it also coincides with my birthdate. I will hopefully be able to pull away from the office to make it to RSACon for the first time this year and if so, I will be glad to attend. Crossing my fingers as we speak.