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eFashion Security Overview

I was pointed to an interview with Ed Foy of eFashion. It’s a pretty interesting interview about how companies are reeling in a post TJX world. The good news is obviously people like Mr. Foy are paying attention to the problem and trying to do their best to fix it. The issue is everything mentioned into the article has nothing to do with the problems TJX faced. He mentions network access control and Hacker Safe. Hrmm… my personal feelings about the validity of Hacker Safe being anything other than a marketing gimmick aside, security this does not make.

TJX was compromised through WEP, poor network access controls and poor infrastructure, not web compromises. Not that you should ignore the web, definitely not, but throwing a Hacker Safe logo on your site doesn’t do anything for your security other than make you a bit of a joke. Sure, explaining to your customers that you care is important, network security is important, and sure, even a logo on your site explaining that is okay. But it’s no substitute for real security, as TJX found out. I have absolutely nothing against eFashion but just as TJX themselves found out just because you embrace security doesn’t mean you’re good at it.

One Response to “eFashion Security Overview”

  1. C1c4Tr1Z Says:

    I can almost say that 7 of 10 websites that display the “Hacker Safe” logo are vulnerable to XSS, and sometimes SQL injections..

    Great marketing, poor security.