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web application security lab

Little Updates

RSAcon is starting today - and yes, I do plan on being there for anyone who happens to be in the bay. I also suggest checking out the WASC meetup on Wednesday at lunch. If you are excited about webappsec you should probably make the meet up. It’s grown to be huge from a few short years ago. We pretty much fill up that entire pool hall at Jillian’s. So yeah, it’s worth being there if you can make it. If you can’t, I suggest you live vicariously, 160 characters at a time via the IRC over SMS that is Twitter.

Next, for those of you who are into good causes Johnny Long sent out an email saying that the informer is back online. So if you have anything to disclose and you want to help out kids - disclose it there and let everyone know. Johnny was nice enough to send out a really nice x-mas card with the kids thanking us and lettings us know that the clickjacking article helped and a nice video etc… Johnny is a nice guy!

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