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This year’s RSAcon has been a lot of laughs. The parties were great, the people were fun, I actually learned some stuff, and took away a few new ideas for vulnerabilities. So all in all it was a great time. At one point I found my self staring face to face with a vacant Google booth. So I took it upon myself to seize the moment, especially since Google hasn’t figured out how to put computers into kiosk mode (they weren’t the only ones either, by the way - ask mubix). *sigh*

Click to enlarge

The really amusing part was when a rather dim witted Google marketing person came over after a minute or so and asked if she could help us. Then she saw the logo, to which I said, “Don’t worry, we were just playing a practical joke on you.” To which she said, “Okay.” Okay indeed.

So you’ve seen on Google’s own machines at a security conference - where there’s so much irony it hurts. But what about you guys? Where can you get to show up in places it shouldn’t be? I’ll give out some sort of special prize for the winner - I just haven’t figured out what it is yet.

4 Responses to “RSACon”

  1. Spyware Says:

    You should remove the EXIF data from the image you posted. Anyway, I’ll try to get up and running at some train station kiosk computer or something. Should be fun.

  2. Rafal Los Says:

    Rob - what do you think of that nice “The Mayor welcomes you to Chicago” kiosk that sits in Terminal 2 at O’Hare International? I was thinking of something fun to do with that, but putting your blog on there might be just the thing. Gives me something to do Sunday on my way up to Las Vegas for CSI/SX.



  3. lupus Says:

    wow . your google image :P

  4. Alien Says:

    I’ve just set my desktop background at work with that picture. ;)