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Happy 900 and RSnakes on a Plane!

I realized after I posted the last post that has finally reached the 900 blog post mark. I honestly didn’t think we’d make it. After how many hornets’ nests we’ve stirred up over the last 5 years that this version of this site has been online, it’s kind of amazing that the site is still going strong. So I decided to do a bit of a fun post. If you are lacking a sense of humor, please move on now. We’ll forgive you. Now, in reference to a recent Twitter post about yours truly:

@shawnmoyer What no @rsnake’s on a plane joke?

Speaking of RSnakes on a plane - I was taking a trans-Atlantic flight and I was bored - as an RSnake will tend to be after 2 solid hours of a classic but bad Meg Ryan movie. I realized that they had some games on the in-flight entertainment. Ahh, something to play, this should be amusing. Well, if the games were good, maybe I would have been more interested, but Blackjack sounded good enough for kicks. So I started playing. You start off with $100. Well, after me quickly losing a few hands, I decide that playing like a normal user is getting me nowhere. Let’s try some different tactics. How about betting $100 and then folding? Ah… I end up with a negative integer, somehow. Now what if I bet a huge negative number and fold again - like -200? Ah, I get an even bigger negative integer.

What happens if I keep doubling my bet? Hmmm… this negative integer thing is getting huge. Oops! Blackjack - huge positive payout: time and a half larger than my bet even! Alas, somewhere around 1,000,000 is when the in flight entertainment crashed on me - and it turns out that clicking the button thousands of times to change your increment of betting from -50,000 to +50,000 in $5 increments is a really crappy way to make a flight go faster. But before all that, here’s the picture I took:

How many things were wrong here? Input validation errors, logic flaws, and negative integers used for currency… The worst part was I couldn’t even bet someone a free drink that I could get a higher score than them because they offered free drinks in-flight. Alas! Anyway, this story was in case, like Mortman, you were wondering what it’s like to fly with RSnakes on a plane… Moral of the story - stop showing old Meg Ryan movies on airplanes.

11 Responses to “Happy 900 and RSnakes on a Plane!”

  1. Rafal Los Says:

    Congrats on making it this far, and still having a rock-solid platform to blog from… that’s the primary thing you should be proud of!

    As for the game… sucks that it crashed; more importantly did it crash the system (everyone on the plane) or just your console (local)? That would be interesting! Maybe you should apply your new-found love for casino games somewhere they have an actual casino game … with real money involved?

  2. RSnake Says:

    @Raf - nope, just my local console. But no… Casinos are at no risk from me. I have to be pretty bored to play video games all day. ;)

  3. zonky Says:

    Don’t forget:

    These are the same systems that are somehow hooked up to the nav computer - i,e to get direction, speed eta etc, for the flightshow.

  4. RSnake Says:

    Hacking Rule of Thumb #31652: Don’t hack the airplane while you’re in it.

  5. Wornstrom Says:

    I should hope the entertainment systems are completely isolated from anything important.

  6. Justin Clarke Says:

    Considering how many times I’ve been on transatlantic flights where the whole entertainment system has crashed, they are isolated…and buggy… and in some cases run on Windows CE too.

  7. Montejam Says:

    Hey congrats on your 900th post. I’ll look forward to celebrating your 1000th as well. Funny thing these systems on planes, I haven’t seen the Windows CE ones Justin is talking about, but I know power cut out on a plane I was on, and the whole system rebooted showing me a ton of information it shouldn’t have.

    I’m 100% it was Red Hat (see pic) haha. Funny thing is that I didn’t get yelled out for taking the picture of the system rebooting, I got yelled at for having an electronic device powered on before take off.

  8. David Molnar Says:

    Was on a Virgin America plane recently. Played one of the video games, then discovered I had made a high score. My name for the high score table? “root” …

  9. Anton Shahu Says:

    so you passed time and got to write about it? That’s called entertainment. The airline is happy it reached its goal. You wouldn’t have made money, anyway — right?!

  10. Anthony Barzan Says:

    Funny post. Congrats on 900th.

    @David Molnar: A while ago I’ve noticed plentiful of graffiti on the walls of a metro station. Then few peeps painted their names, such as “fuNkY waZ heRe!” and the likes.

    I got rather surprised when I noticed the following inscription among those funky graffiti: “#whoami” and right below “root”. :)

  11. Yash Says:

    @Montejam: I have my own version of that shot:

    And yes, it was Redhat as far as I remember.