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The Future of O2

Dinis Cruz has a series of posts about the future of his work at IBM and O2 in particular. It starts off with a fictional layout of an application assessment, and why IBM is currently well poised to solve the problem holistically. Then it rapidly breaks down as the posts go on. The problem is O2 doesn’t have a good home within IBM (or at least not yet). Being a project of a pretty substantial size and complexity and having no support model, it stands to reason that it may have some rough times ahead without an executive sponsor. It also makes sense why people may be unlikely to adopt it - without the backing of a more robust team like they would get from a commercial code analysis product.

Dinis has an open call to action to the enterprises at large who need static code analysis on the cheap, and want something more robust in the future. I’ll be curious to see if any big companies step up to the plate here and takes ownership. It’s a bit unclear about Dinis’ fate within IBM - I think he’s a bit on the fence. One thing I do know, IBM would be foolish to let Dinis walk. That’s especially true if it is (according to Dinis’ case which he builds up in his posts) in their best interest ultimately. Who knows, IBM might get their act together before it’s too late. Otherwise, I bet Dinis will find a good home for himself and O2 elsewhere.

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