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Fierce 2.0 To Be Released

A few years back I wrote a tool to do DNS enumeration. The point of it was that it is incredibly difficult to do an accurate penetration test against a target when you don’t know what to attack. The only way to know that is to find all the machines associated with that domain/customer or whatever. After a weekend or so of coding I came up with a functional, albeit crappy Perl program that did just that. A few people took note, a lot of people called me out for my crappy programming (rightfully) and ultimately it sat nearly stagnant for a few years. That is until I met Jabra.

Jabra (who works for Rapid7) is a bad ass Perl developer, at least compared to yours truly. He completely re-wrote Fierce, taking in my wish-list and a whole new set of features he wanted, like XML support to quickly integrate with nmap and all kinds of other stuff. Hopefully sometime next week we’ll have a released version. In the meantime please go and check out the beta of Fierce 2.0. Feedback is welcome!

3 Responses to “Fierce 2.0 To Be Released”

  1. Nathan Sportsman Says:

    We also took a stab at rewriting fierce. Our implementation, which we dubbed fierc++, still carries a command line interface and is written in in c++. We decided on a rewrite for performance optimization and stabilization purposes. We would be happy to provide a copy of the source for this spin off to anyone who is interested.

  2. TheLightCosine Says:

    w00t. What new features are going to be implemented?

  3. RSnake Says:

    @Nathan - you should upload it to assembla so anyone else can help contribute as necessary. Did you re-write the original version of Fierce or Fierce 2? Fierce 2 has a lot more features, like ARIN support, whois, better support for subdomains, XML support, and so on…