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Pyloris and Metering Traffic

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Pyloris is a python version of Slowloris, and since it is written in python it’s SSL version is thread safe. So what better way to lock up an SSL/TLS Apache install (given that Apache still hasn’t fixed their DoS)? Well, one of the big problems attackers have when trying to decipher SSL/TLS traffic is the fact that browsers not only send a lot of request down a single connection but they also connect use a bunch of open connections over separate sockets. What if we could use pyloris to exhaust all but one open socket?

Well it turns out that while this sorta works, there are a lot of issues with the concept. Firstly, it requires Apache. Secondly the server can’t be using a load balancer (assuming the load balancer isn’t using Apache itself). Thirdly it requires that there are no other users on the system or there will be a seriously annoying user experience for the poor victim who can’t reach the site that the man in the middle is trying to decipher traffic from. Alas… So while this didn’t work particularly well in my testing, I’m certain with more thinking someone can figure out a way to do this.

2 Responses to “Pyloris and Metering Traffic”

  1. failshell Says:

    Google doesn’t return anything useful as to where we can get that code. Please enlighten us :)

  2. RSnake Says:

    You can find it here: