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Browser Detection Autopwn, etc…

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I often find myself thinking about egyp7’s DefCon speech last year. He was talking about browser autopwn, which was a relatively new concept at that time being built into Metasploit. Pretty cool technology, and with only one minor mishap he was able to demonstrate it on stage with impressive results. That’s all well and fine, and you should check it out, but one thing stuck out from the presentation more than the technology itself.

By doing variable detection he could find out everything down to the individual patch level of the device in most cases. Of course a bad guy can mess with these variables and lie, which egyp7 admitted to. But, wisely he said something to the effect that if you find a browser that is lying about it’s user agent, you probably have found yourself a browser hacker, and you don’t want to try to be owning his browser anyway. Once you find yourself in this condition, bail. The idea mirrors a lot of the type of stuff I wrote about in Detecting Malice. By identifying the signature of browsers and how people navigate sites you can know a lot about your potential adversary. Either for good or, in the case of autopwn, evil. Growing this signature database over time could be very useful as attention on browser exploitation increases and the need for understanding user traffic and intent grows.

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