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web application security lab

About Us

Straight pimpin’. Just chill yo.

Nickname: RSnake

Turn ons: I like long walks on the beach, puppies, chopping wood as my muscles ripple in the hot summer air.

Turn offs: Barrels of monkeys. How is that fun? Seriously… there is no way you can fit exactly a perfect amount of monkeys in a barrel, so it’s always like some whole monkeys and a fraction of a monkey, or many fractions of many monkeys. Then I’m sure they’re not happy about being in a barrel so I bet there’s some serious noise coming from that thing. And the smell? I mean, come on folks, that’s just gotta suck in every way. Then I’m sure most of the monkeys in the middle and bottom will get crushed or otherwise asphyxiate even with holes in the top of the barrel. Then you have a barrel of dead monkeys. That’s just sounding like a bad time all together. Yes, barrels of monkeys are not fun.

Duties: Front end, Writing

Specialty: Web application security god

Team Rubber Hose Cryptanalysis

Nickname: id

Turn ons: A footrub by playboy bunnies?

Turn offs: I don’t like feet@!

Duties: Backend

Specialty: Network and OS security god

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