Security Bookmarklets

By RSnake

These are Firefox bookmarklets to aid in security auditing. Click and drag the extentions up to the bookmarks toolbar and click them to perform the intended action when you find a site that you'd like to begin auditing. These were coded up by random people in random places but collected here as a repository for useful security bookmarklets for by-hand auditing purposes.

  • Step 1:zoom images in, zoom images out These allow you to increase and decrease the size of images, which is often useful when you are having a hard time seeing something.
  • Step 2: linked images this is highly useful when you know you want to look at every picture that is linked from a page (where you have to click to view it) but don't want to manually click on each link. This spawns a new window.
  • Step 3: increment and decrement these allow you to navigate up and down html files or images that have a number in them without going back and clicking on each one by hand. This is a big time saver.
  • Step 4: numbered list This creates a list of all pages that have a number in them in a directory. After creating the new page you can use the linked images bookmarklet to further speed up the time it takes to review the images.
  • Step 5: Yahoo site search This can be useful when you want to find more things on a site but there are no obvious links to it. Let the search engines do the work for you.
  • Step 6: methodToggle Switch methods quickly (similar to WebDeveloper's Switch Method function).
  • Step 7: Edit Cookies Quick dialogue to modify your cookie values. This is useful if you have another cookie value and you want to switch back and forth between the two cookie states.
  • Step 8: Find Redirects With a click quickly identify if there are redirects on the page you are currently on or not. It's just faster than viewing source.
  • Step 9: Alexa A single click will allow you to see the Alexa ranking for the site you're on. Also useful for finding other cnames on the same domain.

  • Written in vim, and UTF-8 encoded, for her pleasure.
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