Hello there, and welcome! You may notice that this is is not a normal ha.ckers.org page. Nope, there's a lot more going on here than meets the eye. However, one thing is for certain, it'll be fun. One caveat here - if you don't know the basics of HTTP it's probably not even worth trying.

Here are the rules:

"But wait, what's the goal, what are we looking for?" The directions are actually part of what you need to find. Just a small hint though for people who think they've solved it - there are four parts to this. So, have at it.

Let the sleuthing skills begin:

The contest is now closed. We have all 10 winners! All the contest functionality is still live, so you can try if you like, but no more prizes are being awarded.

Clue 1: TWVldCB1cyBhdCAoSSdtIGEpIEJsYWNraGF0IGZvciBhIHRlZS1zaGlydC4gIERyb3AgbWUgYW4g