Oversized image causes blue screen of death

Large image causes BSOD (bluescreen of death)

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We have no affiliation with anyone who would have sent you to this image crash demonstration page inadvertantly.

Why aren't you seeing a blue screen of death BSOD right now? You are probably using an OS other than Windows oorrr you have a video driver that is smart enough to detect an infinite loop when it is running out of memory or video card that can handle this (because it has enough memory) ooorr you are using a image resizing script built into your browser. MS and the affected video driver manufacturers have not yet issued a patch to my knowledge (if you hear differently please email me).

Firefox is currently working on it because of the sheer number of copycat sites that have picked this up. See more details here. I found this playing with image resizing scripts when it caused serious performance issues. Update: The latest version of Internet Explorer (6.0 SP2) with full patches seems to have fixed this issue.

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